D ETERNAL Stickerless Container Cube Puzzle

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  • D ETERNAL Container Cube is a shape modification of the Skewb. This particular modification gives 4 of the centers a specific orientation in order to be solved. This, combined with the shape shifting nature of the puzzle is sure to provide a fun, challenging solve.
  • The Container Puzzle is an interesting shape shifting cube made by Jean-Claude Constintin and Tony Fisher. This puzzle is a modification of the standard Skewb with an added ability to shape shift making it more challenging and fun to solve. The Container Puzzle is definitely a great choice for cubers who like shape shifting puzzles!
  • The cube can shape shift after being scrambled, adding to its difficulty and fun level. The puzzle is moulded on the basis of a standard Skewb, which makes its shape special and beautiful.
  • Rounded exterior design gives you a comfortable hand feeling! Professional mechanism inside provides an outstanding overall performance, giving you a fantastic hand feeling!
  • Screws and springs inside make the cube adjustable, you can get a satisfying hand feel depending on personal preference. Safe and environmental ABS plastic applied in the cube, making it shatter-proof and flexible.

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