D ETERNAL 2x2 Megaminx Speed Stickerless Dodecahedron 2 by 2 Magic Cube Puzzle Toy

Sale priceRs. 549.00


    • Excellent Stability – Smooth turning, tensioning adjustable. The Anti-stick Design can prevent the cube viscosity, make the cube solve smoothly. It has amazing corner cutting. Difficult to pop. Definitely a good choice for you to provides hours of fun time.
    • UNIQUE SHAPE: D ETERNAL Megaminx 2x2 is a shape mod and the most noticeable feature of shape mods is their unique shapes, which can range from simple modifications complex shapes. These unique shapes add a new level of challenge and creativity to solving puzzles.
    • The traditional stickers have been replaced with original and eco-friendly ABS material, which mean no fading, peeling or cheating! This is a Frosted Surface Cube. Feels more texture and avoid the scratches after the long-time use. Whole new vivid colour work more effectively and more easier to recognise.
    • The Anti-stick Design can prevent the cube viscosity,make the cube solve smoothly. Optimized parts of the round corner pieces, makes work coordinate effectively. Enhance the corner cutting ability, make it more smooth when it solves.

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