D ETERNAL Magnity 5M Cube 5x5 (Magnetic) Stickerless Magic Speed Cube Puzzle Game for Kids

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    • Magnity 5M is the first 5x5 produced in the iconic Magnity line. Coming with a perfect 56mm, this puzzle is solidly built with a more dense and substantial feel.
    • MAGNET CUBE 5by 5 : Magnity 5M 5x5 (Magnetic) Stickerless is the bestselling magnetic cube. It has Neodymium Magnets placed in strategic positions in the cube which gives it subtle yet fulfilling feel. The magnets improve the turning accuracy, makes the cube more stable, smooth and fast.
    • CUBE FEATURES: Magnity 5M 5x5x5 (Magnetic) has amazing corner cutting, higher stability, and an optimized anti-pop structure to make sure all parts of the speed cube will not pop out during fast rotation solves. It is pre-lubed, lightweight, has adjustable tension and made of safe ABS plastic.
    • This cube, out of the box, was decent but after a few solves and some drops of D Eternal magic lube it was great and worked perfectly. I had no problems with the cube at all and it rarely corner twists during a solve. Good corner cutting, but only downside is it turns fairly slowly when dry and has not been lubed in a while. Overall really great cube and recommended. Have a great day!
    • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: No one falls out of love with the magic cube. Perfect Festive gift, Valentines, Friendship day, Holi, Diwali, Rakshabandhan (rakhi), Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift for kids, students, friends, college goers, adults, men, women, girls, boys, school students; Amaze everyone with your cubing skills; Keep it on office desk as a decorative item. This classic magic cube puzzle game will never go out of style, gift your loved ones today.

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