D ETERNAL Cube 2x2x3 High Speed Stickerless Puzzle Cube

Sale priceRs. 349.00


  • The 2x2x3 is the first cuboid in the Cube line, the 2x2x3 features a variety of design features that make it the most advanced 2x2x3 on the market thus far. The 2x2x3 also has rounded pieces for enhanced corner cutting performance.
  • Size of 66x44x44mm, 2x2x3 Stickerless Cube provides superior grip and control in comparison to older 223 cuboid cubes
  • The strong spring structure gives the 223 cuboid cube great corner cutting ability and greater integration, creating a new experience for cubers
  • Ergonomic design - the traditional stickers have been replaced with original and ABS material, which mean no fading, peeling or cheating!
  • Superb rotation, good fault-tolerant performance. Great corner cutting, difficult to pop, good control of the cube. Definitely a good idea for Christmas Gift / Birthday Gift. If you’re finding a office desk toy or something to kill time of travelling, this will be your best choice

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