D Eternal QiYi Silver Mirror Cube 3x3 High Speed Magic Puzzle Cube

Sale priceRs. 279.00


  • Extra fast and the smooth feeling-the surface of the center block and edge block has block anti-adhesion grooves, which can effectively reduce the resistance effectively and help improve the smoothness of the qiyi gold mirror cube. At the same time corner block and edge block and middle part have formed an extra-large round corner so that they can be cut and twisted perfectly. So this speed cube is difficult to pop and turn smoothly, good control of the cube
  • Recyclable material and gold color sticker - the 3x3 qiyi silver mirror cube is made of non-toxic ABS material and long-lasting non-fading PVC stickers, which is non-toxic and tasteless. Fine stickers which provide for better color recognition and superior playability, won't be taken off easily

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