D Eternal 2x2x2 Gold Mirror High Speed Magic Puzzle Cube

Sale priceRs. 299.00


  • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES - Gold  Mirror cube is the classic color-matching puzzle. Turn and twist 12 sides of the cube and ensure that each of the four faces only has one color. This speed cube is suitable for beginners and professional players. Great as a Christmas / Birthday gift for friends, family members, beginners, and pros.
  • EXTRA FAST & SMOOTH FEELING-The surface of the center block and edge block has block anti-adhesion grooves, which can effectively reduce the resistance effectively and help improve the smoothness of the QiYi Gold Mirror Cube. At the same time, corner block and edge block and middle part have form an extra-large round corner so that they can be cut and twisted perfectly. So this speed cube is difficult to pop and turn smoothly, good control of the cube.

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