D ETERNAL Premium High Speed Stickerless Magic Cube Combo Set of 2x2 3x3 and Pyraminx Triangle Magic Cube Puzzle Toys

Sale priceRs. 499.00


  • Toys and Games
  • Premium Quality Speed Cubes comes with a protective case
  • ATNI-STICK DESIGN - design Great corner cutting, Tension adjustable. Difficult to pop, Good control of the cube. Excellent stability. The edge piece contact surface and feet together feature anti-stick grooves, creating outstanding anti-stick ability
  • SMOOTH AND FAST - Solve it when each side matches mean no fading, peeling or cheating! This. The traditional stickers have been replaced with original and eco-friendly ABS material, which 5x5 cube can foster your kid's sense of space and enhance a child's memory. Suitable for beginner and professional player. Great classic toy idea for your loved ones
  • SCRATCH-PROOF FRSOTED SURFACE - No scratches, allowing for greater longevity. No reflective with a low refractive index, allowing for color recognition even in poor lighting conditions. No fingerprints, giving the cube a cleaner look. Gives the cube a more tactile appearance. The bright colors scheme is more harmoniously coordinated, more beautiful, and provides easier color distinction

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