D Eternal Rotate and Slide Puzzle (8 Colors,7 Layers)

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  • Brain teasers - 3D puzzle magic cubes are a rotating and sliding puzzle that relieving stress, Practice your brain and enhancing your memory
  • Safe - 3D puzzle magic cubes is crafted with ABS material, non-toxic, reliable, harmless to human and environment
  • Great performance - perfect workmanship, Easy Rotating and sliding, and lightweight and comfortable in the hand
  • 【 Uses 】Not only a logic toy,but also a rotating slide puzzle.It is a combination of magic cube and puzzle,its puzzle pieces can be rotated from left and right around the axis as well as be slided up and down.You can create different patterns, or restore the puzzle pieces that are out of order to the original state layer by layerEntertaining at home,relieve stress, cultivate patience,exercising brain, exercising fingers,play on the journey,or giving it to children or the elderly as a gift.
  • 【How to play】When you can't restore the original state, you can pull out the puzzle pieces one by one and press them back into place.Or you can even open the top or bottom covers directly, take out all the puzzle pieces and put them in as they are.In case the puzzle pieces are accidentally dropped and popped out, you can easily press them back into place.

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