D ETERNAL Jumbo Size Cube (10CmX10Cm) 3x3 Cube High Speed Magic Puzzle Cube 3 by 3 Cubic Puzzle Game Toy,Multicolor

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  • Playing With cube will increase Creativity & Imagination, Object Recognition, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Memory Building, Motor Skills, Color & Shape Recognition, Spatial Skills, Attention Span Building, Problem Solving, Curiosity Building, Analysis & Critical Thinking, Time Management
  • vivid color sticker - the speed cube is made of non-toxic ABS material and non-fading stickers, for kids early cognitive development
  • JUMBO SIZE- Big and Jumbo Size Cube 10x10cm cube which is a big size for those who loves a bigger size cubz
  • Get out of your regular size cube and play with this big jumbo size 3 by 3 Smooth Movement cubic puzzle game toy
  • Long lasting with Anti POP design so the blocks will never come out .All Cubes are high speed stickerless with great corner cutting

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