D Eternal 3x3x3 High Speed Stickerless Pillowed Magic Cube

Sale priceRs. 249.00


  • SMOOTH & FAST Speed up your solving time without any effort and bring you the best turning feeling in advance. Easy turning and smooth play.
  • GREAT PERFORMANCE Superb rotation, good fault-tolerant performance. Great corner cutting, difficult to pop, good control of the cube.
  • WHY YOU SHOULD BUY A D ETERNAL CUBE: improves your concentration improves your hand-eye coordination Increases problem-solving skills Improves creativity & imagination skills
  • NO STICKERS REQUIRED The traditional stickers have been replaced with colorful plastic, which mean no fading, peeling., COME to TENSIONED & LUBED The 3 by 3-speed cube is fully tensionable and provides maximum customizability Come tensioned and lubed already. When you get the cube, it's ready to rock!

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