D ETERNAL Folding Wooden Chess Board Set with Magnet Closure for Adults and Kids 3 in 1 Chess Set Indoor, Outdoor Travel Board Game Set

Sale priceRs. 849.00


3 in 1 Game

This chess board set integrates chess, backgammon and checkers, which greatly improves the playability of the game

Flat and No Humps

The chessboard is made of excellent Material. After the chessboard is opened, the surface is flat and no humps to ensure that chess pieces can be stably placed at any position on the chessboard

Folding storage

After folding the chessboard, it can be used to store pieces. We also provide small bags for each kind of chess pieces to classify and store them, so as to avoid the chess pieces get mixed up disorderly

Easy to carry

You can easily put the chessboard in your suitcase, then take it to travel and enjoy the fun of chess anywhere. It can also be used as a gift to your children, family, or friends

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